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#1 MegaVox Wireless Package

Mega Vox basic wireless package with Built-in UHF receiver. Features include: Heavy duty speaker stand Built-in wireless ...

#2 MegaVox Dual Wireless

Mega Vox Dual Wireless 22 watt unit with Built-in UHF receiver. Features include: Two built-in wireless receivers Shoulde ...

#3 MegaVox Wireless

Mega Vox wireless 22 watt unit with Built-in UHF receiver. Features includes: Built-in wireless receiver Shoulder strap ...

#4 MegaVox Wired

Standard 22 watt Mega Vox battery powered PA system with wired microphone and built in rechargeable battery includes: Shou ...

#5 VoiceAmp 30 Wired

Robust sound delivered from a lightweight, portable PA system. The VoiceAMP 30 is MADE IN THE USA . The 30-watt PA system is ...

MegaVox Handheld Wireless Microphone

The megaVox handheld wireless microphone has a built-in transmitter and uses 2 AA batteries (included). 16 UHF channels.

MegaVox Belt Pack Transmitter

Reliable MegaVox 16 channel belt pack transmitter. Uses 2 AA bateries (included). Wireless microphone sold separatey.

MegaVox Heavy Duty Speaker Stand

This is the heavy duty MegaVox SS-550 adjustable speaker stand.

MegaVox Wireless Headset Microphone

Reliable MegaVox headset microphone. For use with the MegaVox beltpack transmitter (sold separately)

Standard Replacement Microphone

This headset microphone has a standard 3.5 mm plug. For use with many different PA systems. Lightweight and very economically ...